Volunteering 2017

When applying as a volunteer, you will be asked to sign that you have read the SHBC Basis of Faith and Child Protection Policy.

A week at camp costs each camper £150 and we try to keep this fee as low as possible. 

We therefore ask that wherever possible, volunteers make a minimum donation of £50 towards their week at camp. This covers the bare minimum of the cost of being at camp (the site fees and food provided).

Participation in activities and transport costs are not included in this figure, so if you are able to give more, please do, as this helps us to keep the campers fees low enough to cover their activities, without having to pay for the volunteers.

This is particularly relevant for those who accompany the campers on trips out. 

With this in mind, please give whatever you feel able, as we do appreciate that you are giving up a week of your time, and we do not want financial difficulties to prevent anyone coming to camp, so please contact us if you have any concerns.

(If you are a UK tax-payer, please consider ‘gift-aiding’ your donation, as this allows us to re-claim 25p for every £1 you donate).

Please read the requirements for each role before proceeding to the application page at the bottom of this page.

Group-Leaders (week 1) need to be committed Christians willing to give total commitment to the children/young people in their care for 24 hours a day, for 7 days. You will look after a group of about 8 children, sitting with them at mealtimes and sessions, sleeping in units close to the campers and generally helping them during the week, ensuring they are where they need to be, when they need to be! You may also need to spend time with them during free-time, especially if they are homesick or finding it hard to make friends. You are their ‘mum’ or ‘dad’ for the week and the person they will be come to if they have any difficulties or concerns. You will need a LOT of energy!

Group-Leaders (Week 2) also need to be committed Christians willing to give their all to a group of young people. This role is very rewarding but will require total commitment during the week.

Responsibilities will include running discussion groups, supervising activities, and being ‘on-call’ for the campers. We expect group-leaders to show enthusiasm at all times, and to encourage campers to participate in activities, as well as supporting the camp managers by joining in activities with the campers, and helping to ensure appropriate behaviour amongst the campers (and of course, themselves), at all times.

Leaders can bring their own accommodation, but we will provide a 10-person unit for the female leaders and another for the male leaders.

Games/Activities volunteers will be asked to provide general sports activities during free time for all campers, and also specific activities during specified ‘games’ times. This may include anything from football to indoor rounders, mini-tournaments, wet and dry weather appropriate activities, as well as keeping scores for the camp team competitions. Sports equipment is provided, and a list is available on request.

Kitchen volunteers will work under the direction of the main cook and help to prepare both hot and cold meals throughout the week. It is not anticipated that you would be required to take on other roles as meal preparation tends to be a fairly time-consuming role, but if you would be prepared to assist in other areas please indicate this on your application form. For hygiene reasons, we would not utilise kitchen staff in the duties or first-aid roles.

Food hygiene certificates are preferable, however you may work under supervision of someone holding a certificate if you are unable to get one in time. Course details available on request. SHBC are not able to fund such courses other than in exceptional circumstances.

First-aid/camp nurse involves being responsible for the medications campers bring to camp, and ensuring campers receives their medication appropriately. You would also be the first contact for campers feeling unwell, or who have injured themselves. Basic over-the-counter medications are provided and can be administered as appropriate. Basic first-aid equipment is also provided, and if you hold a current certificate in first-aid you would be responsible for overseeing any treatment of minor injuries. If you do not hold a first-aid qualification, you would need to work under the supervision of a camp manager who holds a certificate. First-aid course information available on request.

General duties is just that! It can involve anything from setting out chairs for meals/sessions, to cleaning the toilets, small site-repairs that do not require the attention of the on-site caretaker, preparing hot water for washing up, waste-management, and general site maintenance.

Each week requires a Banker so that campers can pay their money in at the beginning of the week and take out what they need each day. Bankers will work in pairs to ensure campers bank books are updated accurately. This role is usually busiest at Week 1, therefore you may be asked to take on additional responsibilities if you are serving at Week 2.

Each week a small tuck and book/gift shop opens most days, and requires 2-3 people to act as cashiers, ensuring correct money is paid for items bought, and correct change given, as well as keeping stock tidy and informing the camp-buyer if new stock is required.

Volunteers may bring children with them who are not old enough to be campers and will therefore join the creche.  At least two responsible persons will be responsible for organising activities during specified times such as morning sessions, workshops etc, as requested by the camp management team. Creche volunteers are NOT expected to look after the children of other volunteers at mealtimes/evening sessions or during activities unless specifically requested and agreed by the camp management.

It is always useful to have skilled musicians leading the music for both morning and evening worship sessions. You would be expected to be able to play a range of songs, working as a team with other musicians, the camp managers and spiritual leader, to provide an organised but Spirit-filled experience for campers and workers alike.

During the week, technical minded people are greatly utilised in areas of PA/audio & visual and videography. Time would be spent ensuring sound systems are in place and working correctly before sessions are due to start, and monitoring the equipment during sessions and other activities as required.

If you would like to volunteer for any role at SHBC, please proceed with your application here.